About Wifi Extender Central

Wireless communications gets better every day. We rely on it so much that it’s become a novelty we take for granted. We use wireless signals for everything. So, when that signal fails it can be inconvenient.

Everything grinds to a halt. That project you were working on? The essay you had nearly completed? Without the internet, these tasks become impossible. Of course, if you live in an area with a strong signal you have nothing to worry about.

We started Wifi Extender Central because we wanted to help people who didn’t have that strong signal. When you’re working in an office dead zones are a pain. It’s so much worse if you have to deal with dead zones in your house.

Wifi extenders fight dead zones by carrying the wireless signal from your router so it reaches new areas. Networking devices can be confusing so we do our best to make it easier to understand.

Our small team works effortlessly to review the latest technology. We test every extender for speed, range and ease of use. If one of the extenders we review doesn’t deliver the results we expect you’ll hear about it. We work hard for our money and expect the best from manufacturers.

At the heart of Wifi Extender Central is our team. With a diverse background, each member brings a unique perspective to the table.


With years of experience in the technology industry, Cyrus started WiFi Extender Central because he wanted to help people who struggle with dead zones. Before moving, he dealt with more dead zones than he thought possible. In fact, his house seemed designed to block wireless signals.

His background in technology helped him develop workarounds to battle this problem. He never forgot the struggles he lived in and wanted to help others. He knew the biggest problem with technology is how confusing it can be. He created this website to help the average consumer solve his wireless problems.


The youngest member of the team is also the most experienced with networking. Bill is a networking professional that spends his days troubleshooting problems for large businesses. He leads a technology-savvy team to make sure the connections stay established.

When he’s not working, Bill spends his free time building computers and taking apart routers. He loves learning about networks and wireless communications. His natural curiosity makes him the perfect addition to this team.


The most critical member of our team, Raye demands the best. The products she reviews are put through extensive testing. She’s not afraid to speak out if the support channel for these products don’t deliver excellent customer service. As the newest member of our team, Raye spends hours researching the newest solutions to wireless communications problems.

Raye is currently studying computer design at university. She leads her class in performance and isn’t afraid to get involved in a heated debate. Raye is a strong addition to our team and we’re happy to have her in our corner!