how to increase wifi range in house

There are many default IP addresses available that work for wireless routers and modems including They all perform the same function of providing admin access to your router. It is used for 2 main purposes to alter the SSID settings or you can wifi network names, password including settings related to parental control, and also to decrease network connectivity problems.

There are companies like ZyXEL, Fortinet, or Dray track that are using this IP address for their routers.

Reasons for Login Failure into IP Address

  1. You can make minor mistakes like typing the wrong IP address. Make sure to type it correctly as otherwise a different IPs portal will open
  2. is not your router’s IP address as different companies use different IP addresses. As is used by ZyXEL, Fortinet, or Dray track.
  3. Technical issues with the router, contact the company or technician. A machine can get technical issues which is not easy to handle professional deals with them.

What to Do If You Forget Routers Username and Password?

  • Resetting the router should be your first step, it can be done by pressing the button down or behind the router.
  • Keep pressing for the next 30 seconds.
  • After that, the router will reach the manufacturing facility.
  • You will be able to access the admin panel right after writing the default password and username.
  • That can be done by picking the router panel from the given list.

How to Log into IP Address?

  1. Connect your router to devices having internet connections like mobile phones, PC, laptops, etc.
  2. Type in the respective browsers you use.
  3. You will get an Admin panel on your screen.
  4. Type router’s default username and password.
  5. You have now crossed the login process.
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How to Troubleshoot Router Errors?

  • Choose your spot wisely to put the router as bigger hurdles in front of the router can cause disturbance in the network connectivity.
  • Installation should be done by an experienced person or technician otherwise problems can occur.
  • Check the frequency of your selected channel its frequency can alter due to multiple uses in the same neighborhood or by close by.


 Different routers use different IP addresses that can vary because of the company or brand of the router. There can be issues like no network connection which can be solved by contacting the company so that they can replace it or send a technician to deal with the issues. So by knowing your router’s IP address you can edit the settings by your wish and you can handle some basic problems on your own.

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