How to Change WiFi Name and Password Kinetic Windstream?

Kinetic Windstream is one of the most popular and reliable internet providers in the US. They are mostly popular for their seamless and high-speed connection. To ensure your internet safety, you may want to change the password for the time being and it’s pretty essential.

Then the question comes, how to change wifi name and password kinetic windstream?

By logging in to the page Kinetic Windstream router, you can easily change the password and WiFi name. In today’s article, we will walk through some step-by-step procedures for changing the WiFi name and password of Kinetic Windstream. So, let’s get started!

How to Change WiFi Name and Password Kinetic Windstream?

How to Change WiFi Name

Here we go with the simple steps you need to follow-

Step 1: Navigate The Router Configuration

First, with your PC or cellphone, connect to the Kinetic Windstream WiFi network. On the connected device, launch a web browser like Chrome or Firefox.

Step 2: Enter The IP Address of the Router

On the browser’s address bar, type the Kinetic Windstream IP address:” or “”. To proceed further, tap “Enter”.

Step 3: Log In

After you press enter, you will be directed to the Kinetic Windstream router login page. Then, enter the router’s username and password. Mostly, the default username is “admin” and the default password is “admin” or “password”. However, if you have a customized password or username, log in with that information. Further, click “Login” or “Submit” to enter the router or wifi extender settings.

Step 4: Access The Wireless Settings

After you access the router settings, you will be directed to the router’s administration panel. Now, find the option “Wireless” or “WiFi” and click on it to successfully access the wireless settings.

Step 5: Change The WiFi Name

Now, try to find the “Network Name” or “SSID” in the wireless settings. Then, remove the old name and enter the new name you desire. The new name shall be unique and easily memorizable. Please avoid using personal data or information, in the username or password to protect your privacy. Click on “Apply” and “Save” for the successful changes.

Step 6: Change The Password

In the section of wifi settings, find the options “WiFi Password”,  “Wireless Security”, “Passphrase”, “Key Entry” or Pre-shared Key. Then, delete the previous password and enter a strong and unique combination password.

A strong password is a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters, special characters, and numbers. Make sure to write down or add the password in your notebook for your access. Also, the password should be aimed at 12 characters to have uniqueness. To save the changed password, click on the “Save” or “Apply” button.


Therefore, you can see changing the Kinetic Windstream password is extremely easy with some simple steps. You must maintain the internet security of your WiFi system, so no information gets leaked.

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