How to Extend Wifi to Detached Garage

Our daily life relies on the internet way too much nowadays. The Internet is available everywhere and anytime. This widespread access to the internet made people think that what if they can extend WiFi in outbuildings like a garage, shed, or other buildings? That’s why today we’ll talk about how to extend wifi to a detached garage.

Perhaps you want to access the internet while in the garage or beside your building and your connection is super poor. For this problem, you can extend the connection by adding a WiFi extender, cable length, USB antenna, or network adapter. Now, let’s know how you can extend the WiFi connection. So, please continue reading!

Why Will You Need WiFi In the Garage?

Well, there are a ton of reasons you’ll need internet in the garage. Just like laptops, desktops, or printers many other electronic gadgets need a WiFi connection. For example-

  1. If you have a security camera or WiFi garage opener in your detached garage, for sure you’ll need stable network service.
  2. Plus, some people have a home office, shed, workshops, and even a gym with a detached garage space. For those spaces, a stable signal is necessary.

Why Is the Signal Weak In My Garage? 

Distance and range is the prime factor when talking about signal strength. Here are the common 5 reasons:

  1. Location of the Router

Suppose, your house is in one direction and you placed your router in another or opposite direction, then it’s for sure that you’ll get the poorest signal. The router should be positioned in your house nearest or middle range to your garage.

  1. Object Obstacles 

Obstacles like thick walls, trees, or anything else can block the signal from your router. When signals have to penetrate through any walls or multiple layers, they become weaker.

  1. Bad Weather

Lighting, thunder, and extreme rain can affect the signal of your WiFi. Sometimes fog and electrical issues interfere with signal strength.

  1. Installation Process

If your router has multiple antennas, then direct the antennas in multiple directions to get a decent internet connection. Placement of it also is an object. Plus, make sure that the setup and the wire connection are all in place.

  1. Device Numbers

If there are more users than a specific number, then the connection may get weaker. That’s the reason the WiFi gets poor when it’s in a crowded place. However, make sure to give your WiFi password to specific numbers of people.

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8 Easy Ways to Extend WiFi Signal to Your Garage

We’ve added all the common possibilities and solutions in this segment. Depending on all possibilities, you may use the solutions. So, let’s start our lesson.

  1. Re-position Your Router

Re-locating your router should be the first thing you should try. Place your router in a place closer to your garage and house. Try to avoid any trees or thick walls. Make sure that your router can cover both your house and garage.

The most preferable place would be outside the wall of your house. Then, it’ll cover the range. Examine the speed of the internet connection that covers both your house and garage without weakening the strength. But, for sure it’ll leave some dead spots in your house.

  1. Get A WiFi Extender

Wifi extender as the name implies connects buildings with wireless signals by expanding the signals from the main router. Two types of WiFi extenders are available. Indoor and Outdoor extenders. Both of these extenders are extremely effective to improve the signal stability and strength of your detached garage.

However, indoor extenders are designed only to use indoor space. You can simply plug them in and connect them to your existing router. The extender stretches your signal without weakening it and covers your entire house. If you need more coverage, you can buy multiple extenders. If you want to cover the garage with indoor extenders, then place them near the room/window close to the garage.

Whereas, outdoor WiFi extenders are only for outdoor usage and are completely weather-proof. You can repeat the internet signal from your router through your extender and reach it in your garage. As it’s outside the house, with an ethernet cable the extender is attached to the router.

Please make sure that your router is compatible with your WiFi extender. The performance and coverage depend on the quality and software used in the extender. So, purchase a good quality WiFi extender that can cover your estimated range.

  1. Buy An Ethernet Cable 

Ethernet cables carry internet signals. The cables carry the internet signal to your distant garage through this cable. This ethernet cable is extremely suitable and ideal for detached building networks. Ethernet cables are reliable and serve you with a stable connection.

As it works with cables, it doesn’t matter how far is your garage. The cable is buried underground, so there’ll be no problem. Also, you won’t have to worry about wall thickness, obstacles, or trees like in WiFi extenders. Connect one end of the cable to the device or WiFi wireless router and you’ll be done.

As it needs digging underground, it takes enough time to set up. Plus, the cost is also quite high as the setup process is tough. Yet, the service is long-lasting, stable, and strong, so it is worth the money and time.

  1. Powerline Networking Kit

Powerline adapters connect to the electrical circuit of your home through the primary router and send a signal through the circuit. The powerline adapters come as a kit. Installing the powerline adapters is quite easy and it doesn’t cost much.

All you’ve to do is plug the two small units into the main electrical circuit that comes with the powerline adapters. With an ethernet cable, the primary unit is plugged into the router. The second unit is plugged in the garage. Now, from the first unit, the signal is sent to the second unit through the powerline kits. Lastly, you can add your device to the second unit with another ethernet cable.

Using this method can vary from person to person. The reason for varying is that if your housing wiring is good, the kit works better as the line quality affects the signal quality. Plus, the distance is a fact. Electrical wiring isn’t made to carry signals, so the closer the garage is, the better.

A Powerline network kit isn’t the ideal way to connect your detached garage.  It doesn’t allow internet access utmost if there is much distance and only works in the nearest range.

  1. Buy a Strong Mesh WiFi Router

A WiFi mesh network is quite similar to a WiFi extender. The only difference is, unlike typical WiFi extenders, a mesh router offers a more stable and stronger signal. If you have a very big house and can’t cover the entire house with your extender, then better go for a WiFi mesh network.

There’ll be a primary router linked to your modem and the routers will be placed in different places of your house. WiFi mesh network provides you fantastic speed with splendid service. Moreover, there won’t be any dead zone, so you can browse or stream seamlessly with superior coverage.

  1. Upgrade Your Internet Equipment & Hardware 

Internet equipment gets updated often, so check that your gadgets are all updated and suitable for your use. Updating your device or software doesn’t take much time or money. For the often updating and evolution of internet equipment, you need to change your internet devices. So, if none of the above methods works for you, you may get a new router. Check the software updates too so that you have the latest updated version of the software.

  1. Get a Powerful USB Antenna in Your Garage

The task of a USB antenna is to catch the weak signal and make it decent enough to cover your desired area. If your garage isn’t far from your house and the position of the router is near your garage, then it is better to use a USB antenna. It boosts the connection and is stable to use.

Just like Wifi extenders, it depends on the obstacles, and service depends on that. Powerful external antennas with 5dBi will be a better choice to cover a wider area. Look for antennas with multiple directors, range, and range, so you can make a good investment.

  1. Changing Frequency 

Routers are available in two frequencies. 2.4 and 5GHz. If either of these frequencies doesn’t work for you, then switch to another to check if that improves the speed, stability, and strength of the signal. For example, if your router is now set up in 2.4GHz frequency and serves poorly, then switch to 5GHz to get a stronger and more stable connection.

The above solutions will help you to solve your issue. Well, I am not finished yet. Now you will learn about some FAQs.


Can I extend WiFi to the outbuilding?

Yes, you can. You can use different methods to extend WiFi to your outbuilding. Such as-

  1. Use WiFi booster/repeater/extender
  2. Buy a stronger mesh WiFi router
  3. Use a long ethernet cable
  4. Get a USB antenna
  5. Powerline adapter kit

Will a WiFi extender work in my garage? 

WiFi extenders’ task is to extend the signal of your main router and expand it into a wide area. So, a WiFi extender will certainly expand your WiFi signal to a wider area and give better coverage. Plus, using a WiFi extender doesn’t weaken the speed or stability. So, it’s fantastic!

What is the difference between a Wi-Fi bridge and an extender?

WiFi bridge works by using pairs of bridges to make a wireless link between two networks.  Plus, it needs one local network to work. However, WiFi extenders stretch the signal from the router and rebroadcast it into a wider place. As for which one is better, experts pick WiFi extenders over WiFi bridges.

Final Verdict

Finally, we’re going to sum up here. But before that, you need to keep in mind some significant points. Before wasting your money on new gadgets like ethernet cable or WiFi extenders, make sure that you’ve all updated software and devices. Check that all the connections to your device are placed and correct.

So, I hope your question “how to extend wifi to a detached garage” is solved now. Try out these methods to solve your problem and if these don’t work try to replace your current device. If you want, you can ask for technicians’ help. Best of luck!

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