Increase WiFi Range

Having WiFi means you should be able to connect to the internet from any device in any room of your house. If your router is in the living room and you’re down the hall in the den or upstairs in your bedroom, it’s likely that your connection was either slow, unreliable, or perhaps even non-existent. You should be able to use the WiFi in your house reliably from any room; if you can’t, follow these tips to learn how to increase the wifi range in the house.

Placement of Your Router

It may not be nice to look at but resist the urge to hide your wireless router behind books, in closets,  or under furniture. It needs open space and is free of any obstructions in order to perform effectively. Walls, doors, and even large appliances can affect the router’s ability to send out a signal. Small appliances like microwaves and cordless phones can also get in the way of the signal like a wall. The best place to put it is out in the open, as central to the house as you can. Elevating the router or mounting it to the wall will also help your signal. 

Minimum Distance

If your router is in the living room and you want to be able to use the WiFi in the den, you will need to be at least 10 feet away from the router. If your router is upstairs in your bedroom and you want to be able to use it in the downstairs family room, you will need to be at least 20 feet away from the router. The closer you are to the router, the better your connection will be.

Configuring Your Router

Once your router is placed where it’s supposed to go and has a good signal, it’s time to configure it. Open up a web browser on any device in your house and enter your routers’ IP address (normally this is found on a label attached to or near your router). You’ll then need

Change the Frequency

Routers run on frequency channels. If a lot of your neighbors also have WiFi, chances are the channel your router is running on it just too busy. This is especially prone to happen in places like city apartments or office buildings where there are a lot of people in a relatively compact area. Getting yourself a router that runs on a different frequency channel than you currently have may help. 

Use a VPN

If you’re serious about protecting your data and privacy, you’ll want to use a virtual private network (VPN). A VPN encrypts all of your traffic, making it nearly impossible for anyone else on the same network as you to see what you’re doing. You can also use a VPN to protect yourself from hackers who may be trying to steal your personal information.


Make sure you upgrade your router regularly. Manufacturers are constantly tweaking the software to improve performance, which won’t do you any good if you’re not checking for upgrades. If you’ve had your router for a while, you might also want to consider getting a new router. Much like any other kind of tech hardware, advancements are being made rapidly. A new router might be just what you need to fix the problem. 

Get a Wireless Range Extender

If your WiFi covers a larger area, a wireless range extender is your best bet. This will also help the signal from your router get around any barriers. A range extender picks up the signal from your WiFi router and extends it.

As far as placement, you should treat your WiFi extender just as you would your router. Put it somewhere it won’t be met with a lot of interference and can pick up the signal from the router well. Using the two together and carefully, you can place them to work around most obstacles – stairs, doors, walls, hallways, etc.

It can be really frustrating when you can’t conveniently use the WiFi in your home from any room you want. If you’re finding your signal is not quite what it should be, trying these tips can help you get the most out of your WiFi.


If your WiFi is not working well in your home, you might want to try some of these tips to see if they help. You can try a new router or range extender, or try some other tips that have been suggested.

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