How to Keep Wi-Fi When the Power Goes Out

You get frustrated when you can’t access the internet, especially when rushing to meet work deadlines. Resolving the issue might be easy, but things tend to be different if your connection is caused by a power outage.

It doesn’t only threaten your work progress but also affects the internet-based leisure activities that you consider relaxing. Your best option is to consider a solution instantly or as a plan before you experience a power outage. Let us go through how to maintain your internet connection during a power outage.

Is It Possible To Keep Wi-Fi Connected When Power Goes Out

The answer to this question is “Yes!” but there are several things you should check to keep it connected. First is your internet, which should be active if you use fiber or cable since your ISP also uses backup generators.

Your internet should also be active if you have satellite internet or service by DSL. Still, others might be affected by the power outage. After verifying that your internet is active, the next thing to note is your modem, Wi-Fi router, and/or wifi extender. They might be the cut-off point, so you need to ensure your modem is connected and Wi-Fi is powered up.

Top 2 Ways To Maintain Wi-Fi Connection During A Power Outage

Keep your Wi-Fi When the Power Goes Out
Keep your Wi-Fi When the Power Goes Out

In most situations, power outages don’t affect your internet, but you get cut off by your modem or Wi-Fi router. Keeping them active requires you to get them powered up to maintain your internet connection without power. Below are two ways you can consider keeping your Wi-Fi router active when the power goes out:

01: Consider A Back-Up Power Source

It would be best to consider getting a battery backup power source to keep your Wi-Fi running during power outages. A backup power source keeps your internet connection active for a specific time, depending on the battery. However, it’s a solution that serves you better when you get it beforehand since it also needs to be optimally charged.

02: Purchase A Portable Wireless Router

Purchasing a portable wireless router is another solution that keeps your internet connection on during a power outage. It requires less time to charge and is okay to move about conveniently, serving you for that timeframe.

Portable routers allow you to connect up to 10 mobile devices or laptops but require a different sim and subscription plan. In this situation, you can also consider removing the sim in your main router to use with the portable routers. Remember that portable routers will serve your needs but won’t provide as much efficiency as your fixed routers.

Maintain Your Internet Connection

Activities in our modern world greatly depend on an internet connection, and losing them affects our activities. We need to prioritize keeping our connection in order by maintaining power supply regardless of our work or fun activities. Implementing the ways above works to achieve that, so let us know what works well for your power outage situation.

Is There Any Negative Effect Of Keeping Wi-Fi Connected During Load Shedding?

The significant negative effect of load shedding that you should watch out for is a power surge after an outage. One particular reason is that load shedding causes power surges and can damage even the best products. Your best solution to prevent a power surge is to invest in surge protectors for your products and have them installed.

You can also turn off every product connected to power in cases where you have no surge protectors installed. Double-check your surge protectors to prevent your router from incurring any damage beyond repair.

Can You Run Wi-Fi Off A Generator?

Running your Wi-Fi off a generator is possible, and you can maintain your internet by implementing this solution. However, depending on initial warnings, you might not need to use a generator if the power outage won’t last for long. You can consider using a UPS to keep your Wi-Fi active since routers don’t consume much power compared to other appliances.

Nevertheless, a generator is an excellent solution since you can power your devices alongside your WIFI router for seamless use. Your ISPs also implement the generator solution to keep your fiber or cable internet active during power outages.

Last Words

Power outages can put you in a pinch in more ways than one, especially if it occurs out of nowhere. You need your internet for most activities, and you can escape the power outage problem with the information above.

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