Suffering With Wi-Fi Dead Zones? A 5GHz WiFi Extender Is The Solution You Need!

When you need to increase the strength and speed of your wireless signal, a 5GHz wifi extender is your best bet. Slow internet can lead to frustration, and a lack of productivity. The price of an internet booster will vary, depending on where you buy your electronics.

Getting the Most Out of Your WiFi Extender

When a modem is too far from a device, it can be difficult to establish a connection. A wireless repeater uses a router’s existing WiFi signal, and rebroadcasts it in order to create a second network.

Wireless repeaters are commonly used to improve signal strengths in homes, and small offices. For best results, place the gadget about halfway between your router, and the device you are trying to connect. Ensure to configure the repeater’s IP address so it is recognized by your wireless network.

Speed Versus Power: Which Frequency is Right for Your House?

Devices such as microwaves and cordless phones can interfere with your wireless connection. A 5GHz extender will have less frequency crowding than a 2.4GHz model. With a 5GHz range there are less static obstructions slowing down the internet speed.

These extenders are also better suited for data devices such as your laptop, phone, or tablet. With these systems, larger information files can be sent, with less congestion from competing wireless signals.

A 5GHz band allows for 23 non-overlapping channels, compared to the three provided by a 2.4 GHz band. Putting all of your devices on the 5GHz band is recommended if they are close to your router, because it will give you a faster, and stronger, connection.

The 5GHz extender is also ideal for boosting indoor signal strength, due to its smaller range, and lack of congestion. In addition to having a stronger signal and faster output, less power is required to receive your signal. This increase will result in an increased battery life, and improved network performance.

5GHz Frequency: Riding the Waves of the Future

It is important to know the range you need your wireless connection to reach. When using a 5GHz wifi extender, you will have a WiFi range of approximately 82 feet indoors, and 656 feet of outside. These numbers may be lowered if you have brick walls, as they can muffle wireless signals.

When choosing an extender for your network, it is also important to consider the capabilities of your devices. Many older wireless devices still exclusively work in the 2.4GHz band, while newer technologies have an increased performance in the 5GHz band.

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