The Best 2.4 GHZ Range Extender

Wifi extenders and wireless amplifiers are often the easiest and least expensive way to increase the wireless signal. If you are struggling to receive a strong wireless internet signal throughout a home or small office, purchasing the best 2.4 ghz wireless range extender is the best way to improve your signal strength.

Wifi extenders simply increase your existing wifi signal strength so places further from the router can get a stronger signal. Construction materials in walls can sharply decrease signal strength and devices that use similar radio frequency can disrupt the internet signal.

While a 2.4GHz wireless range extender is not going to improve your overall speed, it will help you work wirelessly in internet dead zones. An amplifier is perfect when you’re working in a small space where you are close to a router, but need a slight increase in signal strength. Depending on where you purchase your range extender, the price and type of extender will vary.

2.4 ghz Antenna Amplifier

Many models of wireless range amplifiers come equipped with antennas to provide the BEST range possible. When purchasing an amplifier, it is important to select one with the type of antenna that will be most useful in increasing your wireless signal.

Directional antennas are particularly useful in increasing the signal from one unit to another. Traditionally, omni-directional base antennas are standard in wireless amplifiers. They are more useful in increasing the signal in a whole room, or whole house where multiple computers or devices are used.     

2.4GHz antenna amplifiers for the home are the easiest types of antennas to purchase, and are typically the least expensive.

Going the Distance With an Extender

Knowing the range you need your wireless connection to reach is extremely important. When using a 2.4GHz range extender, it will reach an approximate indoor range of 66 ft. and an approximate outdoor range of 330 ft.

An important note to make when selecting a wireless extender is that the 2.4GHz frequency is more crowded than the the 5GHz frequency.The 2.4GHz frequency is able to reach farther than the 5GHz, so when you have a larger square footage to connect wirelessly it is beneficial to purchase a compatible wireless booster.

Be sure to take care while installing the best 2.4 ghz wireless range extender for your network. Make sure that you have purchased the correct voltage and are using the appropriate size internet booster necessary for yourhome or small office. Always ensure that you have the proper network protection as your newly extended signal may make your network accessible to users outside the building

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