Linksys AC1200 Amplify Dual Band High-Power Wi-Fi Range Extender

Linksys AC1200 Amplify Dual Band High-Power Wi-Fi Range Extender

If you currently are paying for an ultra high speed internet connection, that means that you’re shelling out quite a bit of money every month to reach those fast download times. So why put up with dropped WiFi connections and decreased performance the second you move into the next room? The Linksys AC1200 is a high end WiFi extender that was built to keep up with the very fastest internet connections.

In addition to being fast, the AC1200 also comes with a feature called Spot Finder. Spot Finder can detect holes in your WiFi, alerting you so that you can place the extender in just the right place in your house. Another interesting feature on this extender is the integrated power outlet. Most extenders occupy at least one power outlet plug.

Let’s take a look at some of the other key features on this device.


Three step setup — Just use your smartphone to connect your extender and locate a spot to put it, enter your network’s security information and then you’re done.

Locate and eliminate WiFi dead zones — Spot Finder allows you to place this extender right where it’s needed the most.

On-board power outlet included — No need to grab a power strip. This extender comes with a built-in outlet.

Built-in audio jack — Want to stream music directly out of your smartphone without having to fiddle around with Bluetooth? No problem. Just plug your music device into the AC1200’s audio jack.

Gigabit ethernet — The ethernet connector allows you to bring your non-WiFi devices onto the network.

Our Rating: 4.5/5

The Good

This extender has tons of interesting features, plus it’s reasonably priced and capable of keeping up with the fastest internet service providers

The Bad

The documentation is limited, overly technical and hard to read.

Best Suited For

People with high speed internet connections who want to expand the size of their WiFi networks.

Not So Good For

People with low or medium speed internet connections don’t need this much power.

The Verdict

If you have a fast internet connection and want to expand your WiFi coverage, this is one of the best WiFi extenders money can buy. With this device, you get a wealth of features not found in competing WiFi extenders. Basic setup is a breeze, thanks to the three step setup smartphone app. On the other hand, the documentation included with the extender can be a bit confusing. If you want to configure this extender’s advanced security settings, you may need extra help from Linksys support.

Learn more about the Linksys AC1200 Amplify Dual Band High-Power Wi-Fi Range Extender on Amazon, or take a look at one of our other great, reviewed products like the Netgear AC1200 Wi-Fi Range Extender Dual Band. All of these WiFi Extenders are competitively priced on Amazon.


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